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Washed sheep’s wool and mohair is carded ( combed ), dyed, and spun into varying textured yarns, and hand-woven into bespoke rugs and carpets according to the client’s size, colour and design specifications. Because we work from scratch, we can innovate and control at any stage of the production, right through to the final stitch of the end-product. All floor rugs are finished with sewn hems, unless fringes are specifically requested.
The design palate is as infinite as your imagination. Creating interesting textures is our speciality. And if the colour you require is not among our existing colour range, we oblige by sourcing the dye recipe and creating it for you. Versatility is our forte and our product has graced palaces in Teheran, castles and aristocratic homes around Europe, private homes in USA, Bahamas, Brunei, Singapore, and the leading Game lodges of Africa.

• Custom-made to almost any size, colour and design of choice

• Each piece is individually hand-made, a one-off and therefore unique

• Only the best materials are used: pure new wool, pure cotton, colour-fast dyes

• Most rugs are reversible, fully washable, easily maintained

• Known and trusted in South Africa and abroad for 60 years

• Hard-wearing, resilient and luxurious

• The ultimate home-grown BIO product


• Hoffmann rugs are reversible. For maximum benefit, turn the rug over every few months to wear both sides equally.

• Vacuum regularly with suction only, as brushes and beaters tend to roughen up the wool fibres. Should the rugs have a “fluffy appearance initially, this is known as “shedding” and is caused by the loose fibres that have worked themselves out of the weft. This is a normal occurrence in any pure wool rug, and these fibres can be safely pulled off or cut away. Thereafter, the rug will “settle” and should no longer shed fibres.

• Spot-remove stains immediately as they occur. ( Consult a stain removal expert or see our stain removal chart ).

• Never steam-clean a hand-woven wool rug, as hot water or steam can damage the wool fibre and cause wool to shrink.

• Rather clean by gentle washing* with a mild detergent or consult a reputable carpet cleaner.

• Washing can be done at home ( small rugs in the washing machine on the wool cycle ) larger rugs in a bath tub or spread out on a patio, lawn or drive-way, sprinkled with mild detergent and sprayed with the hose pipe. Care must be taken to rinse out all traces of detergent, as soap residue can harm and dis-colour natural fibres. Try and choose a dry, sunny and windy day for washing, to aid the drying and prevent the rug from staying wet/damp for too long.
Dry rug preferably out of direct sunlight, as sunlight may “burn” and dis-colour lighter shades of wool and cotton.

NB: Wet wool and cotton rugs are considerably heavier than when dry, get help to turn the rug or shift it.