Home in Mexico

Wool Rug Super Karoo 4406-1100 size 300 x 380cm

Boys bedroom

Cotton Bamberg weave rug Check design Navy / white

Spa Lodge bathroom

Cotton Bamberg weave rugs in Multistripe designs

Girls Room

Wool Induna weave rug tweed design in pinks

Decorators showroom

Cotton Bamberg weave in R,L stripe design blue / w

Game Lodge

Wool Tugela weave rug in straw colours

Penthouse lounge

Wool Tugela weave rug in natural white

Dining room

Wool Tugela weave maize and ginger

Game Lodge

Wool Tugela natural white

Private Game Lodge

Wool Tugela natural white with black

Private Game Lodge

Stockholm Special custom design royal blue ground

Contemporary lounge

Super Karoo 4451 with flecks

Wool rug

TUGELA 4492 straw with 1161 1138 1106 1162 oranges

Private Game lodge

Wool Tugela rug large format shades of mustard

Bedroom in Rondavel

Super Karoo semi round

Dining Room

BAMBERG weave stepping stones design Black and white

Reception room

Wool TUGELA weave

Tugela wool rug (Parkhurst)

Villa in Houston USA

Super Karoo wool rug